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31 Oct, 2006

Newark is “terrorist friendly”

Posted by: Dave In: Current Affairs

From BoingBoing The Newark Star-Ledger reports that security screeners at Newark airport flunked 20 of 22 security tests operated by undercover federal agents last week. They failed to spot items including concealed bombs and guns at checkpoints throughout the international airport’s three terminals, according to federal officials. Clearly, the undercover testers failed to include more […]

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30 Oct, 2006

Super kung-fu grip

Posted by: Dave In: Technology|Weird

From the New Scientist Technology Blog: Sarcos has come up with a system that uses just one engine instead of lots of them. The engine, and a tank containing a 24-hour supply of fuel, will be slung “beneath your rear end”, says Main. The engine (a turbine, two-stroke or four stroke – they haven’t decided […]

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27 Oct, 2006

Stay the course?

Posted by: Dave In: Current Affairs|TV

[youtube]6Jq0j80UB_c[/youtube] Hi, I’d like a double helping of words, with a side order of more words.  I’m hungry, you know. -Dave

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27 Oct, 2006

Cool web clock/calendar

Posted by: Dave In: Web

I found this on Digg.  Pretty neat clock/calendar, don’t you think? – Dave

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25 Oct, 2006

I’ll take two please…

Posted by: Dave In: Weird

Hey Larry, can you loan me fifty cents? I want to buy a pasty white kid. They’re on sale today. Thanks! From USA Today… A toddler who went fishing for a stuffed cartoon character in a vending machine wound up sharing space with the toy inside the game’s plastic cubicle. Three-year-old Robert Moore tried to […]

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19 Oct, 2006

That’s a bunch of baloney

Posted by: Dave In: Weird

No dessert until you finish eating the table, Johnny! Awww…MOM! (Imagine the grease stains on your elbows.) As seen on Craft Magazine’s blog. -Dave

19 Oct, 2006

Google Mobile gets a face lift

Posted by: Dave In: Gadgets|Web

If you use Google Mobile to win trivia bets in bars (like I do) you’ll be happy to know it got a redesign recently. Remember all those times you’ve been asked “What color was Ben Kenobi’s lightsaber?” or “Why is Kirk Cameron a putz?”? Now you can ask Google with your phone and regain that […]

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19 Oct, 2006

More blaspheming from Dr. Ding

Posted by: Dave In: Blog|Humor

Click here to read Dr Ding’s newest post. Jesus is coming, look busy. Seriously. I have no idea if/when Jesus is or isn’t arriving. Incidentally, I always picture him in old Birkenstock sandals and some sort of hemp dress getting laughed off the planet due to his poor fashion choices, lack of permanent address, and […]

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16 Oct, 2006

Google goes solar

Posted by: Dave In: California|Science|Technology

From the google blog: Soon we plan to begin installation of 1.6 megawatts of solar photovoltaic panels at our Mountain View campus. This project will be the largest solar installation on any corporate campus in the U.S., and we think it’s one of the largest on any corporate site in the world. The panels will […]

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16 Oct, 2006

Houston flooding

Posted by: Dave In: Current Affairs|Texas

The photo above is not a river. It’s an exit ramp off I-45 in Houston. So it’s a little wet here in the Bayou City today. It’s been raining pretty hard for a couple days and has caused some pretty bad flooding near the city. We left work a little early today to beat the […]

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  • Dave: Not sure, Bryan, but I'd love to know where Craig lives.
  • Bryan Hanks: What city were those in?
  • Kevin David Anderson: check out our other wreaths at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150452725264516.391111.360128594515&type=3
  • epiphenita: Like Tom Waits without the music.
  • epiphenita: Reminds me of my good friend's artwork: http://victoriacarlson.blogspot.com/2009/06/untitled.html
  • Dave: I think someone should make some dance music from those "WHOAHs."
  • epiphenita: Oh, Dave. That was tonic to my soul. Perfect. I vote for an exorcism.
  • Dave: Hmm, looks sober to me.
  • Scott: I'm thinking that the guy with the hat might have had a drink or two before this picture was taken. Just a hunch...
  • Scott: There's a roleplaying scenario just waiting to be written based on these pictures. :-)


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