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29 Nov, 2006

Portable Apps

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Portable Apps I’ve been using Portable Apps on my thumb drive for 6-8 months now and I thought I’d let everyone know just how cool it is. If you’re not familiar with USB flash drives (nicknamed “thumb drives” – because they are about the size of your thumb) they are small devices that you plug into the USB port of your computer and function as small portable hard drives.

They are fairly durable and since they operate on flash memory, they have no spinning drives or moving parts to break. Pretty tough gadgets. They come in various storage capacities these days and are getting cheaper and cheaper as the months go by. They are a great way to transport files back and forth to work or carry around music files or photos, or whatever you’d like to keep with you (I actually have this website backed up on my thumb drive).

Several months ago I discovered this great site offering portable applications that run on a thumb drive. I never knew you could run a web browser, word processor, virus scanner, spread sheet, instant messenger, etc off a simple thumb drive.

Well, you can. And the good folks at Portable Apps offer lots of very cool applications for the low, low price of free. I’ve taken my thumb drive with me on several trips and it’s very nice to have all my own bookmarks in FireFox when I check my email or update this blog. No matter what computer I plug my drive into, I have everything I need.

Pretty cool.


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