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31 Oct, 2007

Gmail IMAP nothing but heartache

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The good: Google introduced IMAP protocol for Gmail, allowing multiple platforms (web, phone, desktop application) to synch gmail seemlessly.  For example, if I delete an email from my desktop Mac Mail application, it will be deleted across all the access points I use to manage email.  Or so the theory goes.

The bad: It’s a fucking disaster if you are using a Mac.  I fiddled with it for 2+ hours this evening and managed to crash Mac Mail at least a dozen times and download over 200+ spams to my Blackberry (I’m just lucky I didnt’ have more than 200+ emails in my Gmail account at the time.  Normally I have over a thousand, but cleaned it out recently).  Do you know how long it takes to delete 200+ emails on a Blackberry?  Well, I do.

The ugly:  I am back to POP3 access.  It works fine and with the right filters in Gmail, does exactly what I need it to do.  Unfortunalely, it’s not nearly as useful as IMAP could be.

At least I’m not the only person having these problems.


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