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29 Jan, 2009

Writers with guns

Posted by: Dave In: Photography|Weird|Writing

(Top to bottom) William Burroughs, Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. I think writers holding guns seem more dangerous than “normal” people holding guns.  Perhaps it has something to do with the combination of  intelligence and violence that seems to intensify both characteristics. Or maybe they were all a bit crazy (since two of the […]

25 Jan, 2009

Watchmen viral video

Posted by: Dave In: Film

Video link (via BoingBoing) I love it when marketing departments go the extra mile to create materials like this to promote movies. Cloverfield had several viral campaigns as well. Very clever. – Dave

24 Jan, 2009

$#@!&@ weathermen

Posted by: Dave In: TV|Weather

Link to video (via yesbutnobutyes)

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18 Jan, 2009

You are not a number…

Posted by: Dave In: TV

…you are a free man.  Thanks for all the weirdness, number 6. RIP – Patrick McGoohan 1928 – 2009. – Dave

13 Jan, 2009

Taxonomy of heavy metal band names

Posted by: Dave In: Music

If you think there’s a formula to heavy metal band names, you might be right. My favorite is the “Triple Umlaut” in the bottom left corner of the diagram. Link to larger image (via JWZ)

07 Jan, 2009

The miracle of birth

Posted by: Dave In: Film|Weird

I think a moment of silence is in order for the weirdest youtube clip ever. Video link (from Yesbutnobutyes) (UPDATE: apparently this is a Ray-Ban commerical for sunglasses.  Jesus. H. Christ, I never would have guessed that in a million years.)

02 Jan, 2009

Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters

Posted by: Dave In: Weird|Writing

See the rest of them here. – Dave

01 Jan, 2009

Unfortunate labeling blooper

Posted by: Dave In: Humor|TV|Weather

Link to video I suspect the label was meant for another segment. However, it’s entirely possible the graphic designer was quitting and wanted to go out with a bang. – Dave

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  • Dave: Not sure, Bryan, but I'd love to know where Craig lives.
  • Bryan Hanks: What city were those in?
  • Kevin David Anderson: check out our other wreaths at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150452725264516.391111.360128594515&type=3
  • epiphenita: Like Tom Waits without the music.
  • epiphenita: Reminds me of my good friend's artwork: http://victoriacarlson.blogspot.com/2009/06/untitled.html
  • Dave: I think someone should make some dance music from those "WHOAHs."
  • epiphenita: Oh, Dave. That was tonic to my soul. Perfect. I vote for an exorcism.
  • Dave: Hmm, looks sober to me.
  • Scott: I'm thinking that the guy with the hat might have had a drink or two before this picture was taken. Just a hunch...
  • Scott: There's a roleplaying scenario just waiting to be written based on these pictures. :-)


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