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24 Sep, 2009

A new two-wheeler

Posted by: Dave In: Colorado|Misc|Travel

I’ve always wanted a motorcycle. So, about two weeks after my knee surgery I visited the Harley Davidson dealership and picked out a red 2010 Road King.  I’ve been riding it for the past 3 weeks and love it. It’s pretty heavy (nearly 800lbs with a full tank of gas) but it handles extremely well […]

07 Oct, 2008

Sad trombone

Posted by: Dave In: Humor|Misc

If you do one thing today, visit www.sadtrombone.com and push the big PLAY button. It will make your day. – Dave

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30 May, 2008


Posted by: Dave In: Misc

Have a good weekend folks.  It’s a hot one here in Houston.  Need too cool off. – Dave

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15 Mar, 2008

Awareness test

Posted by: Dave In: Misc

This funny awareness test is brought to you by my cousin Sooz (thanks for the suggestion). I was totally fooled. Take the test. -Dave

02 Dec, 2007

Ecksmas tree

Posted by: Dave In: DIY|Justine|Misc

Justine finished putting up the tree this evening.  She tells me it is not finished, but there are lights and bulbs on it, so it looks pretty finished to me. I look forward to all of the amazing holiday decorations this year. -Dave

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20 Aug, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Posted by: Dave In: Misc

I’m back in Houston after a great time in Indianapolis.  I got to see some old friends (John, Greg, Scott) and take in all the crazy sites that make GenCon the premier nerd-fest that it is. Well, it’s time to pack away my chainmail bikini until next year.  Hope you all enjoyed the photos. -Dave

12 Jul, 2007

Know any good potty jokes?

Posted by: Dave In: Misc

I realized two interesting things today regarding the bathroom (and I have a third point with which I’ll need your help). 1. I use the handicap stalls at work whenever possible. I feel guilty about doing this, but they’re so roomy and usually cleaner than the other stalls. I justify my selfish actions by simply […]

04 Jul, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Posted by: Dave In: Misc|Vacation

In order of importance… 1. Day off of work. 2. BBQ with friends. 3. Beer 4. Laughing at the silly British red-coats in 1776 who thought they could defeat a bunch of scruffy coonskin-cap-wearing hillbillies. Little did they know, our hillbillies are particularly stubborn. (Just like the one running our country.) -Dave

02 Jul, 2007

You’ve just won a servant

Posted by: Dave In: Misc|Productivity

You’ve just won a servant to do ONE household chore for you for free for the rest of your life. What do you choose? (post your comment below) I’m leaning toward laundry or bartender. -Dave

25 May, 2007

An early start on the weekend

Posted by: Dave In: Food & Drink|Misc

I got out of work a little early today to get a jump on the weekend.  I had some happy hour drinks with the design team at the Tex/Mex bar and grill across the street from work.  Then Justine and I went out to Terlingua, our favorite tex/mex restaurant within walking distance.  Dinner and several […]


  • Dave: Not sure, Bryan, but I'd love to know where Craig lives.
  • Bryan Hanks: What city were those in?
  • Kevin David Anderson: check out our other wreaths at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150452725264516.391111.360128594515&type=3
  • epiphenita: Like Tom Waits without the music.
  • epiphenita: Reminds me of my good friend's artwork: http://victoriacarlson.blogspot.com/2009/06/untitled.html
  • Dave: I think someone should make some dance music from those "WHOAHs."
  • epiphenita: Oh, Dave. That was tonic to my soul. Perfect. I vote for an exorcism.
  • Dave: Hmm, looks sober to me.
  • Scott: I'm thinking that the guy with the hat might have had a drink or two before this picture was taken. Just a hunch...
  • Scott: There's a roleplaying scenario just waiting to be written based on these pictures. :-)


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