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Having come to the end of our current cell phone contract, Justine and I picked up a pair of Blackberry Curves to check our email, blog, take pictures, etc. My first impressions of the Blackberry Curve is that it does the following things very well: phone, email, mobile maps, calendar, tasks, contacts. It does the […]

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23 Dec, 2006

50 greatest cartoons of all time

Posted by: Dave In: Humor|Mobile|TV

The City Rag found a list of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time (as voted upon by the animation industry). Here are the top 10: 1. What’s Opera, Doc? (1957) 2. Duck Amuck (1953) 3. The Band Concert (1935) 4. Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (1953) 5. One Froggy Evening (1956) 6. Gertie […]

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09 Oct, 2006

Goodbye Hollywood Theater

Posted by: davidherrold In: HPL|Mobile

It’s been a great trip to Portland this year. I’m even a bit sad it’s over. The movies were interesting. The people were wonderfully weird. The company was delightful. The festival was even more fun this year because we were experiencing it with friends. Hmmm…I wonder what movies will be playing next year? – Dave

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07 Oct, 2006

Some pre-movie artwork

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05 Oct, 2006

Octopus lights

Posted by: davidherrold In: Mobile

These were lighting our dinner. Cool and creepy, eh? – Dave

05 Oct, 2006

John and Robbin in Portland

Posted by: davidherrold In: Mobile

Went out to dinner at Greek Cusina and plan on hitting Powell’s bookstore when we’re done.

05 Oct, 2006

Back in Stumptown

Posted by: davidherrold In: Mobile

After a bit of a late start we arrive in Portland on time. No sooner did we hand over the keys of the rental car to the valet did we find ourselves in the hotel grill eating lunch and sampling the local ales. It’s almost (wonderfully) chilly here. – Dave

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24 Sep, 2006

Cheap gas

Posted by: davidherrold In: Mobile

I filled up my tank today at $2.10/gal. I feel like I won the lottery. – Dave

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16 Sep, 2006

Galveston Island

Posted by: davidherrold In: Mobile|Texas|Travel|Vacation

It’s funny. As soon as I cross the bridge from mainland Texas to Galveston Island I start to immediately relax. The people here have two pairs of flip-flops…one casual and one formal. I like it here. The picture above is from our hotel window. – Dave

16 Sep, 2006


Posted by: davidherrold In: Food & Drink|Mobile|Texas|Travel

Justine and I ate at Gaidos tonight. Best seafood on the island…plus they have a giant crab on the roof. Pretty cool, eh? Justine had shrimp and scallops and I had blackened red snapper. (We had a little booze too. They make a good martini here too.) – Dave

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  • Dave: Not sure, Bryan, but I'd love to know where Craig lives.
  • Bryan Hanks: What city were those in?
  • Kevin David Anderson: check out our other wreaths at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150452725264516.391111.360128594515&type=3
  • epiphenita: Like Tom Waits without the music.
  • epiphenita: Reminds me of my good friend's artwork: http://victoriacarlson.blogspot.com/2009/06/untitled.html
  • Dave: I think someone should make some dance music from those "WHOAHs."
  • epiphenita: Oh, Dave. That was tonic to my soul. Perfect. I vote for an exorcism.
  • Dave: Hmm, looks sober to me.
  • Scott: I'm thinking that the guy with the hat might have had a drink or two before this picture was taken. Just a hunch...
  • Scott: There's a roleplaying scenario just waiting to be written based on these pictures. :-)


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